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Location: The property is located approximately 57 miles north of Kingman, Arizona along Hwy 93, thence NE along the Pierce Ferry Road approximately 26 miles. The property lies approximately 15 miles from Meadview to Faith Road.

This development is approximately 1280 acres in size. It has been divided into 32 Parcels. Parcel boundaries are surveyed and staked. Directional signs are installed at each corner. Currently there are only 8 parcels left.


Electricity: This property is located within the Unisource Energy Services service area. There are power lines in and around the property. Unisource employees indicate that Lot Purchasers must contact the Provider directly to discuss rules, service initiation, and costs for power and/or extensions. Costs depend on what type of service the customer wants and the terrain where they want electrical service. Buyer is responsible for the installation to their specifications. Please contact Unisource at: 2498 Airway Avenue, Kingman, AZ 86402, tel: 928-681-8913. Buyer is responsible for installation.

Water: This is a dry lot subdivision. Parcel purchaser may choose to have water hauled to the parcel, or drill a well on the parcel. A Water Availability Report was issued for the project properties from the Arizona Department of Water Resources on March 1, 2005 which states the following: Dusty Boots, Unit 2 consists of unsubdivided land located approximately 50 miles north of the Town of Kingman in the Hualapai Basin. The majority of the property overlies hard rock granite outcrops with thin alluvial deposits in the eastern half of Section 5. There is currently no data available on depth to water in the area. The underlying geologic strata may consist of non water bearing units and although water accumulates in fractures and fissures, it may be precipitation dependent and drought sensitive. Information on quality and quantity of groundwater is limited, and therefore the availability of groundwater, water quality and well yields on the property can only be determined by drilling on individual parcels. Depths to water greater than 400 feet exceed the customary depth for domestic wells in Arizona.

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