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The Ranch at the Grand Wash Cliffs:

+39 acre parcels priced at $69,900-$119,900

Situated near Lake Mead & Grand Canyon. The Ranch at the Grand Wash Cliffs is an untouched frontier where you can hike, ride, and hunt amid rolling hills, endless blue skies, and a massive rock formation known as the Grand Wash Cliffs. After the sun sets in the West, the cliffs are ablaze as the sun spills on to the cliffs.

Location: Ranch at the Grand Wash Cliffs consists of unsubdivided land located in T29N, R17W, East ½ of Section 1 and West ½ of Section 7, T29N, R16W, approximately 5 miles South of Meadview and 33 miles North of Kingman in Mohave County, Arizona.

The development is approximately 640 acres in size. It has been divided into 16 Parcels. Parcel boundaries are surveyed and staked. Directional signs are installed at each corner.

Access to the Development: There is legal and physical access to the development. Access is via Pierce Ferry Road to North Sandview Drive, east 600 to North Glenwood Drive, south 300 to West Glenwood Road, east 0.9 mile to Sandy Point Drive, south 0.6 mile to Mojave Drums Drive., east 0.5 mile to the southwest corner of Parcel 4 of this development. Legal access exists to each parcel by the way of public roadway easements granted on the recorded map found at fee. No. 2005-02129. Roadways are traversable by a two-wheel drive motor vehicle. In addition, the roadway easements meet Mohave County standards for road easement widths.


The Ranch at the Grand Wash Cliffs parcels are being sold with the domestic water supply to be provided by wells to be drilled by the individual parcel owners or by choosing to have water hauled to the parcel. Because no wells have been drilled on the property, no information is available regarding the water quality, decline rates, or the availability of water supply.

In the water availability report dated December 14, 2009, Frank Corkhill, Chief Hydrologist, Arizona Department of Water Resources, states in part:

"Information obtained from the Departments GWSI and Wells55 databases indicates that wells drilled in T29N, R17W and T29N, R16W, range in depth from 60 to 1,240 feet below land surface (bls) with static water levels ranging from 20 to 1,050 bls. The subsurface geology, as described in well logs, generally consists of clay and cemented conglomerate with granite and volcanic at depth.

Groundwater decline rates in the area vary from 0 to 2.5 ft/yr, depending on the location. In B(30-17)14dcc the decline rate was 2.5 ft/yr from 2005-2009 and 0.08 ft/yr in B(30-16 7adc from 1975-2009. From nearby wells drilled in the area, the depth to first water encountered occurs between 720 to 845 ft bls and then rose to between 624 ft bls and 694 ft bls.

Water quality for Meadview basin is considered suitable for domestic use by Arizona Department of Environmental Quality except for areas close to the North flank of Granite Mountain. It is suggested that domestic wells test for radiochemistry in this area.

As noted above, available information indicates the existence of ground water at the property location. Depths-to-water greater than 400 feet land surface are typically not common for domestic wells in Arizona. The potential for developing a domestic water supply can only be determined by wells on individual parcels.

Per A.R.S 45-595, all wells constructed in Arizona must be performed by a licensed well driller. Additionally, per A.R.S. 45-596, a Notice of Intent to Drill (NOI) form must be submitted and approved by the Department prior to the commencement of drilling. For further information, please contact the Arizona Department of Water Resources. (ADWR)."


Use: This offering is for unimproved parcel sales only. Zoning AR-36A. Only 1 single-family dwelling shall be approved for one lot or building site. Mobile homes, pre-manufactured homes, trailers and recreational vehicles are approved. Agricultural use and home occupations are permitted. (This is not to be construed as permitting any commercial use.)

Conditions, Reservations and Restrictions: The Ranch at the Grand Wash Cliffs properties shall be further governed with the CC&Rs recorded at Fee No. 2010026066, Official Records of Mohave County has recorded the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, The Ranch at the Grand Wash Cliffs. These CC&Rs identify project specific issues pertaining to Land Use, Maintenance, and a General Provision Site Development section. Refer to the document for more specifics. This provides that livestock may roam at large under the laws of the state and Developer advises that no provisions have been made for the fencing of the subdivision to preclude livestock from roaming within the subdivision. There are no age restrictions or Adult requirements. The purchaser will not receive the mineral rights.

Parcel Classification - Pricing

1B: $89,900

2A: $119,900

3B: $89,900

4C: $69,900

5C: $69,900

6C: $69,900

7C: $69,900

8A: $119,900

9B: $89,900

10A: $119,900

11A: $119,900

12B: $89,900

13B: $89,900

14A: $119,900

15A: $119,900

16B: $89,900

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